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RIDE Hard, BE Prepared

Team Membership: Any Kirby student can be a member of the Race Team (RT) as long as academic standards are maintained for sports participation. RT members are riders who commit to being on the Race Team on or before the first practice, January, TBA.


Race Team members should have mountain bike riding experience and be prepared for rigorous workouts at practice.  We prepare our riders for races that are at least 12 miles of fast paced riding with significant climbing.  For practice rides, the race team will typically break into two groups based on pace.  If a rider is not able to work within one of our two groups, we will recommend spending a season with the Club.


Participation on the RT is open to any Kirby student that commits to rigorous bike riding workouts and participating at races.  Please note our "Season Calendar" page defining all key dates,  as you consider being on the team.  You must be able to commit full weekends on the race dates shown.  New riders will have time to prepare for the season, as long as they start training before the first practice.  This is why it is important that we meet all new riders during one of our Fall Fun Rides.  Generally, eligibility to join the RT closes after our last fun ride.


Mandatory Parent/Rider meeting: We require that all members of the Race Team (the rider and parent or guardian must be present)  attend an information meeting to be held at Kirby, Janaury 17th.  We address important registration and safety information at this meeting.


NICA NorCal League registration: All riders must be registered in the NorCal Pit Zone system.  This process takes a day or so to complete so allow plenty of time for registration process before joining a ride. Riders who are not registered as Ride or Race Ready in the system will not be allowed to ride with the Race Team. The cost is $25 plus an additional $50 for high school Race Team members.  Sign-ups are done through invitation, which we will send once we have received your rider sign up form (a pdf link is available at top of this page).  Please see a MTB team coach with any questions.


Season: The official season for the 2018 Kirby MTB Race Team is January 24th  (first practice for Race Team) and through May 16th (Tuesday  practice after State Championship).


Email/Website Communication: Our primary method of communication is via email and this website. Please be sure that we have your correct email address. Let us know if it changes during the season.


Website Information: Team information will be posted on this site, our team website. All next ride, race or event information will always be posted on our "Next Event Information" link from the bottom left corner of the home page or via the "NEXT EVENT" link on the menu bar.


Practice Requirements: You are only allowed one missed practice per month.  Practices are held twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Weekend practices are not mandatory, but riders are encouraged to attend.  Race pre-rides are required and typically happen the day before the race.


Race Attendance Requirement for Race Team members: Junior high riders must attend 2 scheduled CCCX races. High school riders should attend all 5 NorCal races and the State Championship if they qualify.


Missed Practice Notification for Race Team members: If you are going to miss practice, you must contact RT Coach before the scheduled practice. Please call, text or email no later than 3:40pm on day of practice. Do not communicate through your fellow teammates.


Practice Days/Times: Practices will be every Tuesday and Thursday. We will begin at 3:45pm and end practice at 5:30pm. Starting on March 13th, practices will go to 6:15pm (after Daylight Savings time change). We will always try to ensure that we are back at school as close to 5:30pm (6:15pm in spring) as possible.  Practices will also be scheduled for weekends, emails will be sent to notify riders starting time and place.


Parents/Guardians, please try to ensure that you arrive at the scheduled pick-up time to pick up your student after practice. We will not leave a student alone at Kirby after hours. If you allow your student to ride home after practice, we need your permission to allow a student to do so. Contact Coach Dietmar via email to allow your student to ride home from practice.


Team Strava Page: All members are encouraged to use Strava for all rides during the official season.  Members will be grouped into the Team Strava Page.


Practice Routine- Bike, Books Storage: After school, students should bring all items out of the school building as it will be closed and locked when we return from practice. Students can leave all their books in the coaches' vehicle for storage or on shelves in the Kirby garage, until we return from practice. Students can leave their bike in Kirby's garage which is accessible with a code (contact Abby Christopher, athletic director) for storage during the day and if you choose, between Tuesday and Thursday practices. You should always take your bike home on Thursday night after practice. The school's electronic garage lock does not work on weekends. If your bike is in Kirby's Garage Friday afternoon, you will not be able to retrieve it again until Monday morning! While the bikes are in Kirby's locked garage, we advise all students to use a bike lock for storage in this area.


Race Team and Club Code of Conduct: Race Team and Club members: We will not allow any negative or rude comments by any team member. All team members are expected to show respect for each other, coaches, other teams and parents.  In general, members should have a positive attitude toward each other.   We also will have respect for the trails and other users of the trails.


Practice Cancellations: We will rarely cancel practice due to inclement weather, however, should a coach cancel a practice due to weather, or any other last minute issues, we will send all parents and riders on our contact list an email.  Cancellations due to severe weather may happen as late as 3:30pm.  Check your email if the weather looks particularly severe.  Students staying late need to check in at the front desk and if there is supervision available, they can go up to study hall. If not, students need to stay in the lobby or cafe.


Practice Location/Gear: Practices will almost always be conducted at UCSC and or Wilder Ranch. Race team members  typically will ride from Kirby to get to these areas.  One of the many skills we emphasize is to be prepared. It is important that riders arrive at practice with the minimal safety gear as listed below. If a student does not have an approved helmet for any team ride and other required items, they will not be allowed to ride. We have a very simple helmet rule- if you’re on a bike, you must be wearing your helmet.


Required Items


1. A well maintained mountain bike. A suspension system (front or rear) is not required. The handlebars should not have “bar ends”.  A high end mountain bike equipment is not required to be on the team.


2. An ANSI approved cycling helmet.


3. Glasses. Clear, plastic, safety glasses are available for as low as $10 from any hardware store.


4. Gloves- You should always have hand protection.


5. Bike riding shorts or pants and a good breathing top shirt. Avoid any material that does not breathe well, such as cotton. We have recycled lycra clothing available for all students.


6. Water bottle and cage to mount water bottle on bike or Camelbak type hydration system.


7. Spare Tire, pump, tire levers (as well as a means for carrying these items).


8. Firm soled shoes


If it is very cold or wet and a student doesn't have a proper jacket, he/she will not be allowed to ride for that practice.


Recommended Items


A mountain bike with front suspension forks.


A “clipless” cycling shoe and pedal (in addition to providing superior power for climbing, clipless shoes are safer than shoes in a caged pedal).


Lycra cycling shorts/pants and top.


Some type of nutrition bar to eat while on a ride.


Red Blinking tail light.


Bike Maintenance


It is very important that members keep their bikes maintained at all times during the season. If your bike breaks during a race or practice, you should get it repaired immediately. Our sponsor bike shop will expedite repairs for all team members.


Bike Shop- ABS: Another Bike Shop (ABS) is our sponsor bike shop. They are located at 2361 Mission St. on the West Side. (831) 427-2232. ABS will have a list of all team members (after first 2017 practice) so that you will receive service as quickly as possible and discounts when available.


2018 Team Uniforms: The provided team kit (uniform) is the property of the school and should be well cared for.  Lycra has special washing requirements.  Team uniforms must be worn at all races.


Race Registration Process


CCCX Series (Junior High Riders): Registration for the CCCX MTB series, occurs on site the morning of the race. Parent/Guardians must be present to sign the appropriate waiver. Each race will cost approximately $25.


NorCal (High School Riders): We rely on parent/guardians to ensure this process gets done in a timely manner. Usually, online registration closes 5 days before the given race. Late fees always apply for registrations not made on time. It is possible to register for most races at the event; however, a parent/guardian must be present to sign the appropriate waivers.  Race days are very busy, we advise against registering on the day of the race.


NorCal League Costs: All registration can be done online via NorCal website.  When at NorCal site, go to the "Pit Zone" in the upper right corner.  All registration is handled in this area after you've created an account.  Costs for joining the NorCal league are as follows: $25 to join the league, $50 season race fee and $50 per race.


If you need any assistance whatsoever in completing any registration document, please contact the team coach.


Travel Costs


At least three races will take place out of town which will add the cost of one night's hotel stay plus incidentals. We always look for the best price hotel near the race venue that can support the arrival of our team. We generally have a group dinner the night before any out of town races.  Finally, during every race, we need to supply lunch and snacks for our very hungry racers and all attending parents/guardians. We conduct a potluck to supply food and will setup specific items for families to bring to each race.


Travel to races: Families are expected to provide transportation to and from pre-rides and races. If a parent/guardian cannot attend a race, work with other families to ensure your student will be covered.


Over Night Stays: High School Race Team members will have at least three overnight races. A parent/guardian must attend and room with their rider for these races.


2018 Race season dates- See Season Calendar link above.


Photo Ride: We will call out a photo ride (replacing one of our practices), where we will ride to the forest and take portraits of the individual riders and group shots. It is important that when we call out this ride, all team members are present and in uniform. This is a one shot affair. If you are not present for this ride, you will not be in the team photo.


Other Team Events


Sea Otter Classic: April 19th-22nd- Located at Laguna Seca.


End of Season BBQ: Check Season Calendar page for update.


Series Racing Info


CCCX Mountain Bike Race Series: The CCCX MTB race series is the Monterey Bay’s prime cycling race series. CCCX Mountain Bike races are for all age groups and skill levels. All races are generally held at one of two locations: Toro Park in Salinas or on the lands of the former Fort Ord in Monterey. See link below for complete series info.


NorCal League Races (High School Race Team Members Only): The NorCal Mountain Bike League is a group of approximately 60 Northern California high schools with about 600 students participating in freshman, sophomore, junior varsity and varsity categories. For more information about the league, see link below.


The Sea Otter Classic: The Sea Otter Classic is the premier cycling race event on the West Coast. This event is held over three days at Laguna Seca Race way and has an excellent MTB course. Kirby riders can compete in either beginner or sport categories for this race. Info at .


Ray Mendoza Head Coach